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Area and Description

The Our Lady of Perpetual Help Seminary is located at the southern part around one and a half kilometers from the city proper of Marbel. From the highway going to General Santos City, it is at the left side and around four hundred meters away. The estimated area as of now is four hectares.

When the high school and college seminarians were having their classes here, all the buildings belonged to the seminary. Due to lack of funds to support teachers and much higher mortality or dropouts in high school, all seminarians were sent to Notre Dame of Marbel College (1972). Thus, some of the buildings were then transformed into a Christ the King Spiritual Retreat Center.

The buildings which can be called that of the seminary are: Administration building; Dormitory building composed of the Recreation Hall, Dormitory, Library and Study Hall, Small Chapel, Comfort and Shower rooms; Refectory building, Sisters'Convent; Workers' House and the Big Chapel.